I. we are a soulbond system. we do not fit the qualifications for DID/OSDD, nor do we want a diagnosis. we have discussed this with our therapist and she supports our decisions. sysmeds will be blocked.

II. my memories are as real as yours, regardless of my status as a soulbond. do not call them pseudomemories.


III. basic dni criteria, exclusionists (we're rad inclus!), terfs and reg, queerphobes, pronoun policers, pedo/incest fetishists, use ddlg/cgl to justify pedophilia, sysmeds, antikin, anti-self dx.

IV. do not follow if you need us to interact somehow before blocking you. do not block-evade to ask why we blocked you.


hello there!! i'm spierce! i like men <3

i'm one of the co-hosts of the initiova system! i've been here since around 2013. :3 i'm both a shapeshifter and a universe hopper, though i haven't been able to hop since i appeared in the system!

i have a wealth of memories from the different worlds i've been to. i originated in the baccano! universe, and from there, i visited a ton of different places! these memories are near and dear to my heart, and i'm always remembering more as we consume more media!

otherwise, i like yugioh :) but only classic ygo! if you even begin to explain how synchro summons work i'll crush you to death with my hooves /lh

i also have a mogai blog @crescairis! i coin gender terms and create flags!! :D

thank you for reading!! <3


many of us are spiritual fictionkind! originally, i didn't think i COULD be fictionkind, since my soul was artificially created just for me! so no past lives :(

HOWEVER we found that other souls have stuck themselves to mine, so i'm multiple people! still primarily spierce :)


we have at least 5 years experience with divination, mainly to recall past lives and to contact people in other worlds. this is largely done via tarot. (we have 5 sets!)

we as a system also experience dreams in which people from other worlds try to contact us! not often, but notably so.


we're omnists! we believe that all religions have some basis in truth, regardless of whether or not we personally follow them. that being said, we do not follow any divine figure, due to personal discomfort with the idea of worshipping higher beings.

(seeing as our headspace contains a multiverse, perhaps we're our own gods?)

FICTOTYPES !! (doubles okay!)

phos (houseki no kuni)ivy (netflix carmen sandiego)someone from wonderlab. squints


vino (baccano!), yomiel (ghost trick), alucard (castlevania), venture family (venture bros), dethklok (metalocalypse), binah (lobocorp), and more :)


I. phos and ivy are both instances of souls mixing with mine! their souls resided in the same space as mine, leaving some bits behind and mixing our identities!*

II. my comfort characters are all people i've met in other worlds! they're either close friends or partners. :) i care them very much

*my soul was also created from parts of two other souls, but i don't identify as either of the people involved!


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